• About iN Search

We were born to shine.

We are Taiwan’s leading professional manpower recruitment consulting firms, specialized in high-level technical and management staff recruitment in the technology, semiconductor & manufacturing. We provide talent recruitment services to both client companies and job seekers.”

We Found Talent, You…. / Find you to make you shine.

With meticulous care, we approach all the talented individuals and businesses who believe in us. Every second, we are not only showcasing our expertise but also co-creating outstanding value with you.

Integrity, Trust, Tenacity & Synergy

We adhere to our core principle of perseverance without ever giving up.

Premier expertise with a practical and realisitc attitude

The iN Search consulting team boasts years of industry expertise and pays meticulous attention to your most sincere needs. Through diverse recruitment channels and vast big data repositories, we conduct scientific and human-centered professional analysis, aiming to reach the promised land of mutual prosperity and well-being.”

Ian, the founder, with an engineering background and numerous years of experience in middle to senior-level talent recruitment. To pursuit of exceptional expertise, he has segmented teams within the technology industry for various domains, including Hardware and Manufacturing, Software and IT services, Semiconductor and Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Business Marketing and Business Services, to provide more specialized services to our clients and job seekers.

Hey, Ian

This is the daily greeting that echoes through the office every morning – no titles, no formalities, just full of energy and vitality. The person who strides into the office with a brisk pace, known by colleagues as “Ian.”

Ian’s multiverse

Ian is boy only the founder, CEO, business partner with many famous cooperation and a father of two kids but also somewhat talkative professional consultant that many candidates have in mind. Even over the phone, you often hear his hearty laughter and feel his “sincerity.”

Save relationships instead of money

This phrase is his catchphrase, not just a mere expression but a consistent attitude he embodies. He always manages to strike the perfect balance between objectivity and empathy, making numerous clients and candidates who have interacted with him turn into his friends, even if they didn’t end up successfully be the business partners.

It just like marathon / Be bold and fearless; executive search is like running a marathon.

Years ago, Ian, fresh out of his hardware engineering career, transitioned into sales. Each day, he continuously honed his communication skills and found joy in it. He also further confirmed the path he wanted to pursue in the industry of “human connection.” Without hesitation, he dived headfirst into a foreign company as a professional recruitment consultant, much like a marathon runner who refuses to stop, tirelessly absorbing expertise in his field. Within three years, he achieved astonishing results for the company in the Asia-Pacific region.

I understand the challenge and bitterness of changing careers, therefore I empathize with the needs even better.

Ian’s career may sound extremely challenging, but he casually mentions all hardship that he overcame. But then he suddenly says seriously “Changing careers isn’t frightening; what’s truly frightening is not knowing what suits you.” This inspired him to consider establishing the first Taiwan-based global boutique executive search consultancy. He wants to assist more companies in finding the right talent and, more importantly, help those shining diamonds discover their perfect settings.

Do not be afraid! At worst, I’ll just prepare an extra lunchbox for you.

Aside from his self-assuredness in his professional abilities, what truly solidified Ian’s determination was a simple statement from his parents and his mother-in-law, who owned a bento shop. In the challenging early days of entrepreneurship, he experienced moments of hesitation and uncertainty, but a single remark from his elders served as a morale-booster. Ian’s daring and adventurous spirit in business was bolstered by these words. From the inception of his venture until now, thanks to his exceptional expertise and service, Ian has forged unbreakable bridges between companies and talent, amassing a remarkable track record of over a thousand successful placements. Whenever he receives feedback from satisfied parties, Ian fondly remembers his late mother-in-law and the words she once said with gratitude

Vision and Value

Our central goal is to become the leading recruitment talent management consulting firm in the technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and health industries. We aim to change the image of the stereotypical recruitment consulting firm by creating a platform that benefits our customer partners and candidates by building mutual trust.

Through our core values of TRUST, INTEGRITY, COLLABORATION and TENACITY we will provide a service tailored to meet each individual client and job seeker’s needs.