[iN Search: We are different #2]

My name is Sean Lee, and I am an Information Management student at Tamkang University. I am passionate about meeting people with various backgrounds and I enjoy communicating with them. I have been planning on getting a job in the executive search industry after graduation. When I found out that iN Search Management Consultants Co., Ltd. was seeking an intern, I applied immediately.

After working for the past three months at iN Search, I would like to share my insightful experience with you. I had to pass three interviews, the first interview included demonstrating the knowledge I had towards the executive search industry, passing a personal test, understanding the company core values, and showing that I am a great company culture match. The second interview is about the familiarity of the latest software. The last interviewer was Ian Liu, the Director; I still remember his last question “why should I hire you?” I was not prepared to answer a straight ball question, I quickly did a search inside my head and found an official answer. The answer was not accepted, and I knew I had to convince him now or never. “I want to replace you!” I answered ambiguously and stared at his face in fear of losing this opportunity. He repeated my answer and laughed. Oops! I probably screwed up, but I had no regrets.

As usual, I slick up and ride my scooter to work. I begin my day by updating and formatting our database. Among many of my duties is to call up candidates and update their latest information; I must admit this task is challenging. Once, I was talking to a candidate, and I could feel his frustration and discontent. However, because there was no suitable position at the time, I could not do more. I was disappointed at myself and I felt helpless. A few days later, I realized that I needed to be more positive, patient, and calm so that I could deliver meaningful services.

Ian and consultants often share their experiences and perspectives with me. Ian once said: “If you want to be successful, you have to spend money networking.” I did not understand it back then, but now it makes sense. The more people I meet, the more opportunities I can provide for my candidates. It is also crucial to be fearless in making the first move because an opportunity seldom knocks twice. Be confident, reliable, and genuine because candidates want to work with trustworthy consultants! “I want to replace you” may sound pretentious, but it demonstrates my ambition. I learned people skills and discovered my potential at iN Search. I appreciate Ian and consultants offering me this wonderful opportunity to work with them and be part of them.